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Thierry Layani - Layani Cues  

Layani Cues was founded in 2001 in the city of Longueuil in the beautiful province of Quebec, Canada. The founders of Layani Cues were both very enthusiastic pool players at first. It is their passion for billiard and their skills and knowledge of woodworking and machining that brought them to cuemaking. They came to this art because they thought they could make a difference. So they did.

In 2006, Layani Cues was approached by Xavier Carrer, a friend of Frédéric Caudron, and founder of Kozoom. He wanted us to bring the technology we had developed to the world of carom cues. At first, we did not know much about carom cues, we didn’t even know who Frédéric Caudron was, but soon discovered he was the greatest all-around carom game player of the world (they called him E.T. because his accomplishments were out of this world). So we started working closely with Frederic and it didn’t take much time for us to develop what is now recognized internationally as one of best carom cue on the market. In the following years, we kept improving our cues and our designs working with some of the best players in the world, like Frédéric Caudron, Xavier Gretillat, Pierre Soumagne, Javier Palazon, Wolgang Zenckner, Miguel Torres and many more. Our partnership with Kozoom also got stronger and in 2013 Kozoom Store became the exclusive distributor for Layani Cues.

Now specializing in the making of high end carom cues, Layani Cues is the living proof that the world of billiard is an evolving world that is now more open than ever to new technology, new designs and new features. Recognized internationally by top players and amateur players, we can say Layani Cues has accomplished what it was looking for in the first place: Building the perfect cue to bring out the best billiard player in you.

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