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Core Construction


All Layani Cues feature a hard Maple Core Construction that is the entire length of the butt. This Core enhances their stability and their durability so they stay straight and last a long time. Most cues are jointed between the grip area and the forearm of the cue, and sometimes also below the grip area. These joints can create problems in the long run and create buzz sounds as well as negative vibrations. Some Exotic woods are also weak woods that can break if a cue falls of received a side impact, especially in the area below the joint. Coring them strengthens these exotic woods and helps prevent their breakage and warpage.



Feedback is critical. The vibrations and sound produced by the cue when you play tell you instantly how you hit the ball. The Layani solid Maple Core makes the cue stronger and helps the vibrations travel without any interruptions. Combined with the Conical Joint technology, they provide a unique feel that gives you a very clear feedback while you play.



Maple is a lighter wood than most other exotic woods. The Maple Core being lighter allows to use a broader variety of exotic woods since we only use an exotic wood sleeve that slides onto the Core. The Core Construction therefore gives us more freedom to make Layani's unique designs, while keeping the weight of the cues in the optimal range.


Layani Conical Joint Technology

Layani Core Construction

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